Things About Subaru You Didn’t Know But Should Before Buying One

Things About Subaru You Didn’t Know But Should Before Buying One

Although it’s cool to drive a Subaru, few people are familiar with the company. Before purchasing an Outback wagon, Forester SUV, or Crosstrek crossover from the 2018 model year, be sure to read this list of little-known facts. You are starting a journey unlike any other when you purchase a Subaru, therefore you should be familiar with the Subie way of life.

Plan to keep it for a while.

Experian Automotive discovered that over 70% of customers who currently own a Subaru will do so again in the future. Owners of Subaru vehicles keep them for an average of 8.3 years before trading them in, with 42% keeping them for more than 10 years. And because Subie owners typically do, you intend to pass it down to one of your children.

Why are there stars in the logo?

You might be asking why Subaru’s logo includes six stars. The Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation, which is supposed to be simple to identify in the night sky above Japan, is referred to in them. This constellation, often known as “Seven Sisters,” is one of the star clusters closest to Earth and the one that is easiest to spot in the night sky with the unaided eye.

The most secure car for your pet is a former Subaru.

The Subaru Tribeca was among the top 10 most secure cars for pet rides, according to The Tribeca was praised for its rear backup camera and steering wheel-mounted controls. Subaru regrettably discontinued the Tribeca, but a new 3-Row Ascent is on the way. Subaru is a big animal lover, as you will shortly discover. They may even nudge you to visit the retailer again and give supplies, snap a pic with your pet in a cute, pet-friendly frame, or sign up to volunteer at a nearby animal welfare group. You will feel excluded if you own a Subaru and don’t have a dog.

I can see outside, hey!

Subaru has opted to maintain an upright body shape for its SUVs and crossovers while several automakers are striving for a sloped appearance. Why do they prefer the “boxy” appearance to more fashionable ones? Everything is related to visibility. To assist guarantee you can see everything you need to, Subaru maintains the big windows and low window sills. Even the top-rated cars with the best view of the road according to Consumer Reports are the Forester, Outback, and Legacy.

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