PowerPoint Secrets For Projection Screen Success

PowerPoint Secrets For Projection Screen Success

PPT – An Audience-Friendly Approach

PowerPoint problems are common in presentations, from overloaded slides that are impossible to read to poor usability when the presenter talks to the slide or closes the screen. While there are many ways to improve the quality of your slides and expand your use of PowerPoint, there is one little-known but powerful strategy that can enhance any PowerPoint presentation and put more focus on the presenter where it belongs.This wonderful strategy is… a rollercoaster.

Keep in mind that the executive summary slide purpose of visuals is to complement what you’re saying, to help your audience understand or remember a point. So it stands to reason that if your visuals are targeted, then you won’t have them all the time.

Make An Effective Powerpoint Presentation

executive summary slide slide

Enter, black slide. A black executive summary slide slide makes the screen dark. No matter where you insert it in your PowerPoint presentation, nothing will appear on the screen. It allows you to tell that story, lead that example, or make that transition without the distraction of pointless visuals. And now you have the spotlight (and ideally it should!). Your slide will now be black and when projected in a room it will look like there is nothing on the screen. A great opportunity for a speaker to capture attention!

There is another trick that will create a dark screen. If you press the “B” key on your keyboard while in executive summary slide mode, your screen will go dark. If you click it again (or the mouse, or the arrow, or the enter key), the visual you dimmed will return. (Please note that this feature only works in Slideshow mode.) Now before you get all excited and think, “Great! I’m just going to use the ‘B’ key to go to the blank space between some of my slides ,” let me make a word of caution.