Living in a mobile home: which structure?

Living in a mobile home: which structure?

The basic structure provides for the presence of wheels that allow it to be moved from one place to another. Appropriate vapor barriers prevent the formation of condensation and mold while the cavities are made with specific materials for the installation of the various systems.

The shape of the roof can be indifferently single- pitched or double- pitched , whose insulation must be guaranteed as well as allowing the best possible energy savings

The mobile home must meet the different needs of customers, appropriate to the places where they are located and the number of occupants. Generally speaking, a mobile home has a length ranging from 5 to 10 meters , a depth ranging from 2.5 to 3 meters, while the thickness of the walls, floor and roof is at least 7/8 centimeters.

There are also  telescopic mobile homes on the market that allow, once installed, to increase the square footage being equipped with an enlargement system of the living space. This function fully complies with the road regulations, thus being able to circulate on public roads.

The heating system can be electric with convectors or gas, according to the different models on the market.

How do you transport a mobile home?

For transport,  mobile homes are either towed or placed on trucks used for exceptional transport that may require technical escort, essentially depends on the size of the structure. In general, they are not homologated or registered and therefore are not subject to the payment of the ownership tax, better known as car tax.

Living in a mobile home: how much does it cost?

Time and cost to buy a mobile home are closely related.

Once the customizations have been chosen, it may take up to a maximum of three months for its realization, if you choose for a new model.

Another factor is the size of the house , linked to the number of people who live there.

Then, there is a large second- hand market that allows you to experience the thrill of living in an isolated place or even in the backyard. In this case, by visiting websites for the sale of movable goods, it is possible to take a first look at the bargains.