Tips For Identifying And Avoiding Dishonest Locksmiths

Tips For Identifying And Avoiding Dishonest Locksmiths

Gone are the days of swinging open doors with a single key. For the most part, locksmiths need to be called in to unlock a door when the key breaks off inside, or so you can get into your house before returning home from work only to find that you’ve been locked out. But what if there are dishonest locksmiths out there who will charge you obscene amounts of money for something that could have been done much cheaper? Here is some helpful information on how to identify and avoid dishonest locksmiths as london locksmiths are not always honest.

Falsify their qualifications

Dishonest locksmiths advertise themselves as having a special license and/or years of experience. In fact, these qualifications may not be true at all. If you see a locksmith who advertises himself as being able to provide all types of security measures, then you have probably found an expert in the field. However, all too often these experts are simply faking their qualifications and are only capable of providing basic services.

Tell them you will pay them on the spot

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Many dishonest locksmiths do not want to take your money upfront and may insist that they will give you a quote on the spot. However, the consultation should never be free, as it is a method used by dishonest locksmiths who want to charge you up front for their services. These thieves will then ask you to pay them once they finish work on your door. Do not allow this practice as it is simply an excuse for these unscrupulous people to get your money.

Spend too much time on the phone

They may sit in their car and talk on the phone for hours while they are waiting for your call. In fact, they are calling their “partners” to find out how much money they can make off of you without raising any suspicions. This delay tactic is a common practice used by dishonest locksmiths who want to get you to give them more money or make you wait long enough so that you will call someone else out instead.

Rely on their recommendations

Hire a locksmith who has your best interest in mind. If you have a friend or family member who uses the services of this person, then this may not be an issue for you. However, if you are unsure about how reliable these locksmiths are and you have never used their services before, then consider finding another to help you out.