Women Having High Testosterone Levels: Symptoms And Disadvantages

Women Having High Testosterone Levels: Symptoms And Disadvantages

While testosterone is something one may think is exclusively found in the male body, it is a hormone found in female bodies as well; testosterone helps in muscle growth and improve the bone structure of a person. However, females have a limited production of this hormone and having high testosterone levels symptoms leads to more harm than good.

Since testosterone is not the primary hormone in females but in males, it can interfere with the health of the female by overpowering the primary hormones. This, in turn, causes adverse effects with severe symptoms caused due to such unnatural suppression.


While testosterone helps in the building of muscles, bones and a better blood circular system in everyone, it also causes a hormonal disbalance when present in an excessive amount in the female body.

With estrogen and progestogen being the primary hormone in the female body, testosterone acts against them to imbalance the delicate scale of hormones in the body, resulting in symptoms to arise like frequent mood swings, irregular periods, increase in hair growth, muscle deformation, acne as well as insomnia.

Higher blood pressure is also noticed in those suffering from high levels of testosterone.


In most instances, the production of excessive testosterone is either due to a hormonal disorder or due to con Sumption of drugs inducing similar effects, like pre-workout drinks and steroids. This is highly disadvantageous for those women who are aiming to maintain a healthy body as this hormonal disbalance leaves their internal body skewed. The fertility of the body is also affected briefly during such imbalance.


In the end, the best way to counter such hormonal imbalance is by doing a physical examination and taking the medicines prescribed by the specialised doctor instead of acting oneself. While one may take actions to alter the effects of testosterone by stopping taking steroids or by drinking green tea, taking any self-medication can be harmful and potentially dangerous.