What Tip For Pressure Washing Fence

What Tip For Pressure Washing Fence

Fence washing is a customary activity that many fully grown men proudly take part in on every other Sunday. Its prevalence is a testament to the notion that a man’s home is his castle at this current point in time, and he is the king of this castle without a shadow of a doubt. As the king of your very own personal castle, suffice it to say that you are responsible with cleaning and maintaining it. As a result of the fact that this is the case, washing your fence posts with a high quality pressure washing rig will continue to be a priority that will play around in your head so much so that you would quickly begin obsessing over it.

One thing to keep in mind when you are using advanced pressure washing friendswood to render your wooden fence posts devoid of built up dirt and grime is that the tip that you use matters a lot more than you might have initially thought. That has a lot to do with the functionality of different tips, since they can distribute your high pressure jets into sprays of varying widths and shapes.

Pressure Washing

By far the best tip to use for pressure washing a fence specifically is the green one. This tip is often unpopular due to the reason that it disperses the jet into a truly wide spray, but that is the very thing that makes it useful in this type of context. Fences need pressure to get cleaned, but if the pressure is too high this might cause some serious problems such as chipping and breakage that can be immensely difficult to try to repair or fix.