Types of residential washing and their benefits

Types of residential washing and their benefits

The home laundry has two types of washing techniques, namely

  • Pressure washing
  • Soft washing

Soft washing is more famous than pressure washing. The House Wash Company Atlanta is here to provide their service to wash your home.

Why is soft washing more popular than pressure washing?

Soft washing is one of the best ways to clean your home’s exterior, but many people won’t have knowledge about this effective cleaning method. Still, many homeowners ask what soft washing is and why it is effective.

The soft washing technique uses low pressure to maintain the safety of your garden and external designs and ornaments. But pressure washing is not suitable for residential cleaning. So, soft washing is famous.

Soft washing

As above, soft washing uses low pressure to wash your home. This low pressure is effective for killing mold, moss, bacteria, dirt, and other microorganisms on the external surfaces of your home. These are combined with some chemicals, such as

  • Bleach
  • Surfactant
  • Water

Pressure washing

This method uses high-pressure water to clean external surfaces. This method is used to wash driveways, sidewalks, and decks. Because high-pressure washings are used, they cannot be used for residential cleaning. This blasts the dirt, dust, mold, mud, and other unwanted substances on the cleaning path. This technique uses hot water in some cases to remove hard stains.

Benefits of soft cleaning

Regular washing makes your home’s appearance attractive and helps to maintain property values. House Wash Company Atlanta is well-known for its soft cleaning technique, which allows you to effectively clean your home.

  • Clean all of the areas that are difficult to reach with standard cleaning methods.
  • other cleaning methods cause less damage to home exteriors
  • your home’s long-lasting clean effect
  • requiring less labor than pressure washing
  • able to avoid accidents and maintain safety hazards
  • Eco-friendly cleaning method
  • Enjoy a healthy environment after the cleaning.

To make your home clean and eco-friendly, use soft washing processes regularly to make your home wash with reduced damage, and doing it with professionals makes this process simple and effective at a low cost.