Rugs: The Affordable Pieces of Art

Rugs are like artworks for the floor. They break the monotony of the wood panels of our floors and add vibrance to our rooms. A color rug can make any living space lively. They brighten up the space in a jiffy. You cannot change your floor colors often, but you can change the rug. A change of rug gives the room an entirely new look. You can create the illusion of a renovation by just changing the rugs and drapes.

The adage goes that family problems are swept under the carpets; they are partly true. Cover it with a beautiful rug if there is a crack or stain on your floor that refuses to go. If you have a toddler, then a soft rug could give you peace of mind as their landings will be soft.

Rugs come in many color patterns and prints. A quirky rug could add fun to your living space. A bright one can brighten your day, and a one with nature motifs can act as a relaxant.

Rugs are also low maintenance. They can be vacuumed without much trouble, which is an added advantage.

Rugs are not just products; they are a cultural identity. Many ethnic communities around the globe make a livelihood out of it. By buying a rug from EttiluxHome, you are also helping these communities. Motifs and designs are unique to each community; they tell a story. Do not underestimate them. They have the potential to become the talk of the town.