Electric Cell Signaling Device: What Does The Equipment Can Do?

Electric Cell Signaling Device: What Does The Equipment Can Do?

The medical device for producing electric cell signaling or EST is an effective nerve block compatible with an injection without using drugs. The EST can restrain the nervous system that allows it to heal. Treatments are progressive and benefits are increasing over time. The medical device is vital in treating any neurological condition.

Electric Cell Signaling Treatment is superior to TENS therapy. EST refers to the use of ESE (Electrical Signal Energy) waves produced by the ultra-high digital frequency generator. The therapeutic pulse energy waves are non-invasively and comfortably delivered directly in the desired anatomical region of the body.

The electric cell signaling treatment

Several types of electric currents are accessible and are offered in modern electromedicine. The current plethora is made possible by changing the frequency, intensity, and direction of the time. The electric current parameters are unique and change physiologic and therapeutic effects for the human biosystem.

Therapeutic electric currents are in different classifications according to the frequencies. For example:

  • Low frequency
  • Medium frequency
  • High frequency

The therapeutic classification system will appear to originate from various physiologic investigations. Speaking of the human biosystem, low frequency and medium frequency currents are used for the excitable cells therapeutic stimulation, such as:

  • Receptors
  • Nerves
  • Muscles

It depends on the stimulating frequency delivered, therapeutic, and physiologic actions that may happen that include:

  • Vasodilatation
  • Vasoconstriction
  • Analgesia
  • Activation of regeneration
  • Facilitation of metabolism

The new electromagnetic device and the use, combined with the local anesthetic therapy for treating pain problems will educate you here.

Innovative and advanced technology

The electromedical devices available nowadays employ low-frequency stimulation. Balanced medium frequency currents have been improved, producing twice the electrical current without electrical charge. The innovative type of electrical current technology is now developed to improve the stimulating lower frequencies and the non-stimulating muddle frequencies for elevated efficacy in clinical practice.

The medical device also combines, simultaneously delivers, amplitude-modulated and frequency-modulated electric cell currents in the medium frequency range. The electronic signal treatment is also referred to as an electromedical approach. The new technology can reach deeper in tissue structures with the simultaneous modulation of amplitude and frequency.

It is capable of modulating the medium frequency electric cell-signaling current down in the low-frequency range at frequency rates. Additionally, the combination of the new EST with local anesthetic injections means clinical success. The technique provides a combined nerve block that boosts treatment of a painful condition or neuropathy.

Chronic pain or any pain-related issues can be treated by this medical device.