Food Journal – Write Your Way to Successful Fitness Body

Food Journal – Write Your Way to Successful Fitness Body

Why You Should Keep a Daily Food Journal

Most guys that come into my workplace are usually addressing weight gain, higher cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and tiredness. They don’t feel like they once did – they don’t have the endurance, strength, or energy they long for. They are often not sleeping well and need something to assist them. They are often Mens Journal stressed by job, family, financial responsibilities.

Frequently not eating correctly – missing meals, eating on the run, or even late. These signs all point to adrenal burnout. Job and fiscal stress also increase family responsibility takes a toll on a person’s mind and body, causing men to have health setbacks in addition to taking their Mens Journal health more seriously and begin to wish to stay or get in shape and to start eating well and to find adequate outlets due to their added stress.

Men will usually not come in unless they have been told by their doctors they need to lower their cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, or all those above. Unlike women (for the most part), some guys will need to be scared before taking preventative action in reducing their risk variables.

Where to Begin?

With all this Mens Journal attention on Menopause for women – men, too, have a period of decline in hormone levels – namely testosterone – called Andropause. Unlike girls, nevertheless, Andropause is a slow drop in hormones versus the dramatic hormonal change for girls. The symptoms of Andropause may include diminished energy and stamina, reduced muscle mass, less psychological focus, anxiety, and depression, increased fat mass, loss of libido, and sexual functioning.

Weight Gain: As straps become overly tight, guys recognize that a proactive strategy is required. They often seek a nutritionist, dietician, and personal trainer.

Balancing Blood Sugar: The most healthy glucose levels must be between 80 to 100. Not often eating, eating a lot of sweets or Junk foods or overeating will often affect these levels and can lead to early Insulin Resistance and then Diabetes which is a debilitating disease.

Prostate Health: Men often need help with prostate. Their doctors will often check PSA levels which indicate the health of the prostate. Men often complain of being woken up a few times at night since the prostate is enlarged, pressing on the bladder, increasing the need for frequent urination.