What exactly is a layout of a logistics warehouse?

What exactly is a layout of a logistics warehouse?

LDH Chemical Logistics is devoted to total quality in all of its processes and has earned the ISO 9001 and SQAS certifications. The company strives for excellence and uses continuous improvement as a model. To give them with a high quality of service, they must get to know their clients well in order to recognise their expectations, preferences, and aversions. They maximise client pleasure to produce overall quality. A logistics warehouse’s design or layout must meet the requirements of a specialised institution. The following areas are included in the design of a almacén logístico:

  • Loading and unloading areas: These are those to which the carriers have direct access and are often placed outside the warehouse, however they can also be integrated into the warehouse.
  • Reception area: This needs to be situated separately from the products, quality control, and its appropriate classification.
  • Storage space: This area is designed to hold any kind of goods.
  • Areas for order preparation are crucial for the disposal of goods, especially if they have been handled in logistics facilities.

almacén logístico

History and values of LDH Chemical Logistics:

In the 1950s, LDH Chemical Logistics started operating in the logistics industry with the clear goal of providing storage, handling, and transport services of the highest calibre and with the pleasure of its clients. The company has made a steadfast commitment to specialising in the logistics of classified chemical products since 2003 and has done so by adjusting to the many standards and regulations demanded by the industry. The key to embracing this shift toward logistics specialisation is the refurbishment and conditioning of the facilities. It is a long-term goal of LDH Chemical Logistics and aids in our decision-making process so that we can attain our top priorities:

  • Live in security and confidence with your customers
  • Before co-workers, clients, and collaborators, offer assistance and be upbeat.
  • Boost brand recognition in the chemical industry.

Their goal is change and adaptability, with a particular emphasis on:

  • The People: being able to motivate and uplift them so that they arrive at work convinced that it is a positive environment and that they can contribute and inspire us.
  • The Services: Having a service portfolio that consistently meets the needs of our clients.
  • The Collaborators: building a network of people who view us as friends and partners and who will give us the resources we need to fulfil our customers.