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Why Buy a Property in Bangkok?

Why Buy a Property in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a beautiful place, as it perfectly manages to offer an exciting lifestyle of the world-class destination and vibrant professional prospects, of the aggressively growing Asian Capital.

Thus, the primary reasons to buy 2 bedroom for rent bangkok are numerous; with the combination of Foreign Nationals and Thais investing in rental investments, home ownership, and speculating on the market.

Real estate market of Bangkok has always been the hot industry for Thai economy for many years. This market is booming, hence resulting in gradual hike in price of developable plots particularly in the Central part of Bangkok. It inevitably had the knock-on effect over resale & off-plan market, and has experienced higher trend in price per sq meters (PSM).

Lower Property Taxes

A vital factor for the investors is a fact that in Thailand property taxes are very low. Hence, property sellers will just have to pay around 5 to 8% of sales rates in the taxes. Besides, Income Tax is very low for an investor with the modest property portfolios.

Infrastructure & Amenities

It is very important to check your location potential: will the rate of property leap or will stay sterile in future? Knowing there are, or going to be, stunning shopping venues or mass transit close to your residence is an important sign that your place got potential.

Construction and Design

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Besides the reasonable usable area, design has to match the buyer’s preference. The exterior and interior should respond to the identity with sense of trendy and proud. It goes to a level of material choice and safety of construction. It is the long-term asset where every aspect will be counted.

Is Buying Apartment a Better Investment in Bangkok?

Bangkok investors are attracted by island’s improving quality standards and infrastructure. The amenities and styles offered by the Bangkok luxury apartments draw new investors there every day.

As Bangkok city is regularly visited by a lot of people each year, majority of this investment is based over the holiday market. The new resorts are built particularly for the investors who want to capitalize on this thriving tourism segment.