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Know About Selling a Home in Georgia

Know About Selling a Home in Georgia

Due to the thriving real estate market and the increasing home prices, selling a house in Georgia has become advantageous amid the quickly expanding real estate business. With prices growing by 27.3% over the past year, selling a property in Georgia, also known as the “peach state,” has never been more enticing. If you want to sell your house, check out

Georgia’s Ideal Time To Sell A House

Georgia has a year-round housing market, although some factors favor one month over another. For instance, selling a home is quicker in well-known locations like Atlanta in June if the property sells about 5–6 days quicker than usual. Furthermore, June is the best time to purchase and sell real estate in Georgia at In the state, a property spends 40 days on the market on average (DOM).

Georgia documents and disclosures

Georgia does not require dealers to provide a written disclosure statement. But it doesn’t imply you can keep facts about the property a secret. For instance, you tell the buyer verbally if you know that the roof has leaked or that a primary storm caused flood damage. You can also decide to voluntarily complete a disclosure form to save yourself from future legal issues.

Georgia home selling prices

Georgian home sales don’t always result in a profit. You are responsible for paying the real estate agents involved in the transaction; typically, your agent will receive 3% of the final sale price, and the buyer’s agent will receive 3%. Therefore, you would probably deduct $30,000 in Realtor costs from a $500,000 sale.