Natural materials for comfortable nightwear: cotton, silk and merino wool

Natural materials for comfortable nightwear: cotton, silk and merino wool

Cotton,Flannel, jersey, terry – all these fabrics have a common basis: cotton. It can absorb large amounts of moisture, can be cleaned at high temperatures depending on the processing and is suitable for the skin. However, a possible downside, especially with thicker fabrics made of this material, is that they take longer to dry.


Silk nightwear is especially beneficial for the skin in the summer. It is smooth, light, airy and quickly wicks away moisture. It also dries quickly and is also suitable for skin conditions such as neurodermatitis.

Merino wool

This natural material is very soft and has a temperature regulating effect. This means that it has a cooling effect in the summer and a warming effect in the winter. Comfort is therefore extremely high.

Nightdresses in synthetic materials: fleece, polyamide and polyester

synthetic fibers, bring other advantages over natural materials. Mostly you will find them mixed with cotton in your nightwear. The most popular synthetic fabrics are:


Fleece or even microfleece is warm, soft and invites to embrace, because it has a soft surface due to the roughening. Thanks to its low density and high air content, it dries quickly and is wear resistant. Insulates and warms, which is why it is particularly popular in winter.

silk nightwear


This synthetic fabric is particularly elastic and is suitable for all those who sweat quickly and heavily due to the short drying times. It is also tear-resistant, durable and impresses with its high elasticity – perfect for rolling in bed at night.


This material promotes a healthy and pleasant sleeping climate and can therefore significantly increase comfort. The wool-like texture keeps the skin warm and soft and light. You will usually find wool or cotton blended polyacrylic in your pajamas. Because? Natural fibers are less opaque when using polyacrylics.


This is most often used for nightwear, as polyester is stretchy and breathable. The pajamas and nightdresses made from them therefore offer a high level of sleeping comfort.

Synthetic fabrics have the advantage of drying very quickly and therefore available again in a short time after washing, but also of eliminating the moisture that is released through the skin during the night.

Correctly combine nightgown and bedding

Basically it is possible to combine all materials with each other. Only two points are important. First, smooth and sensitive fabrics should not be used in conjunction with rough ones. This could cause the smooth fabric to suffer and roughen.

Secondly, satin or silk nightwear in combination with bedding made of the same materials is problematic. Thanks to the very smooth and flowing fabrics, they can literally slip away from each other and disturb the night’s rest.