How to Use Baking Soda And Tea Tree Oil For Carpet Cleaning

How to Use Baking Soda And Tea Tree Oil For Carpet Cleaning

With the internet providing so much free information, many people are breaking out of the corporate brain washing that forced them to consume blindly without any thought given to whether or not what they were buying was truly useful in the first place. We can talk at great length about carpet cleaning in this context due to the reason that it is something that many are starting to use a much more DIY approach for by abandoning expensive branded cleaning products in favor of simple home based remedies that are far more efficient, effective and above all else affordable.

Two really useful items that you can use during area rug cleaning near me are baking soda and tea tree oil, and even if you don’t have them on hand suffice it to say that you can just walk to your nearest corner store to get them for a price so negligible that you would barely notice the difference in your bank account. Baking soda is something that you should use prior to the deep clean by spreading it around the rug and spraying some vinegar on it so that the acid and alkaline elements can react to bind with dirt.

Cleaning The Carpet

On the other hand, tea tree oil should be added to your carpet cleaning water. This water will be turned into steam, and the heat will activate the essential oils as well thereby giving your carpet a truly natural scent that would make you feel like you are sitting in a glorious forest out in nature instead of a depressing city scape. Combining these two ingredients is a recipe for carpet cleaning success.