How to Monetize the Server?

How to Monetize the Server?

Minecraft servers are not cheap to host and maintain, thus keeping large server (network of servers!) running with your pocket money is not the viable option for many people.

Look at the expenses for hosting developed Minecraft Servers: there is an actual hosting that depends on an amount of the servers on network and specifications, will add up on own. However, for the large servers, there’re many more, hence to list some examples:

  • Expert builders
  • Custom plugin development
  • Marketing
  • Web website development

Minecraft is a game of building the world filled with creativity — for the exploration and survival. Sharing this world with other players is one important part of this game, and helps to use your own virtualized server for accomplishing it.

Playing the Minecraft game out of box can limit your play extent. But, if you create the Minecraft world over your server, then you can play from this—with no limitations — and you can invite even your friends to come and play with you.

Immortal Server is a biggest minecraft server with an ability to hold over 1000 concurrent players over the network. They are highly committed to vanilla gameplay experience & introduce just the basic modifications to this game.

 Play Your Game and Make Your Rules

When you run a server, you also run the game. So, you can select the world rules and design this as per your pleasure. It is a wonderful place where you will be an only administrator. You can assign —and deny — roles to players, control the spawn rates, landscapes, physics, and more! Running Minecraft game from your own server makes this world-building experience completely yours, and makes other players to share in this creation.

Their ideas and works are totally immortalized in these Minecraft servers. Each server is own self-contained world, with their own rules, communities and gameplay style. We have had a search over to find the best and featuring anything from wonderful constructions & vistas to the worlds with new rules or modes.

An important thing to remember is that the different servers will sometimes make use of the older versions of the Minecraft. Several servers have updated this current 1.18 patch; however other popular servers will stick to the older versions of this game.